Queer Scaffolds

“How to imagine an actionable otherwise of futures design literacies within (and beyond) the systemic conditions of our educational institutions? ”—Betti Marenko, Silke Lange, Pras Gunasekera.

At the recently concluded third and final convening of FUEL4Design: Future Education and Literacy for Designers (June 7, 2022), I was invited to deliver a provocation to the above question in the format of a mini-keynote presentation. The event’s overall theme was “Building Pedagogical Futures in The Present: Dispatches on How to Imagine and Design an Otherwise.” I structured my discussion of an actionable otherwise for teaching and learning around the question and politics of queer survival, speaking specifically with the project example of “The Office of Anti-Inequity and Anti-Exclusive Excellence” and its potential role in scaffolding the future academy. On this page, I’ve shared the presentation video with you. To follow along, and for added comprehension, you may also refer to this PDF talk transcript.

Image: Zine of Archival Metadata Cover (Front and Back), “The Office of Anti-Inequity and Anti-Exclusive Excellence” Scaffolds project for Inhabiting Learning: Under Construction Interlude, Bengaluru: Srishti Manipal Institute of Art, Design, and Technology, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, March 1, 2022. Members included: Aishwarya Das, Akshay Prakash, Athena David, Chinmay Gheware, Gayatri Shanbhag, Hamna, Kush Patel, Neeraja D, Nithya Kirti M, Rupali Gupte, Santhosh Jayakumar, Tanvi Karia.

FUEL4Design is a three-year project jointly delivered by the European consortium of leading HEI partners: Oslo School of Architecture and Design (NO), Politecnico di Milano (IT), Elisava (ES) and University of the Arts London (UK).