(L to R) Pedagogy of the Digitally Oppressed Collective (with Ashley Caranto Morford and Arun Jacob) (2018-Present); Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy (JITP) Editorial Collective (2022-Present); Social Justice Pedagogies Topic Editor (with Danica Savonick), Reviews in DH (Roopika Risam and Jennifer Guiliano Editors) (2023-Present).

The members of the 2022 CDHI Learning Community Grant project, "Digital Threads: Anti-colonial Storytelling and Community Building Through Twine," have enlisted an introductory set of authors who have individually or collaboratively produced both critical and creative Twine-based narratives and research texts.

(L to R) Critical Digital Humanities Initiative (CDHI) Learning Community Grant and Working Group, University of Toronto (2022-Present); Kohl: A Journal for Body and Gender Writing Collective (2023-Present); Cities with Whom, Cities for Whom? An Archive of Coastal Community Infrastructures (with Johnson Jament) (2019-Present).


(L to R) Digital Humanities and Critical Making, Just Futures Co-lab, Srishti Manipal Institute of Art, Design, and Technology (2021-Present); Inclusion and Accessibility Statement for Public Programming at Avani Institute of Design (2019-2021); Scholar Sprints Pilot (with Diana Perpich and Megan Sitar), Connected Scholarship, University of Michigan Graduate Library (2018-2019).

(L to R) Professional Development Resources for Humanities Graduate Students, University of Michigan Institute for the Humanities (with Sidonie Smith) (2016-2018); Publicly Active Graduate Education (PAGE) National Directorship and Fellowship, Imagining America: Artists and Scholars in Public Life (2015-2018); Arts of Citizenship and Rackham Mellon-Public Humanities Fellowship at the University of Michigan (2015-2016).


(L to R) Inhabiting Learning: Under Construction, Interlude, Srishti Manipal Institute of Art, Design, and Technology (2022); Teaching Toward Activism: A Meta-MOOC, Critical Pedagogy and Digital Praxis in the Humanities (led by Chris Friend), Digital Humanities Summer Institute (2018); Oakland Avenue Urban Farm (with Jerry Hebron) and Akoaki (with Anya Sirota), Detroit North End (2017-2018).

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