Two Stories, Multiple Lives

With Dr. Anne Cong-Huyen, Digital Scholarship Strategist, University of Michigan

Our current collaborative writing centers our individual situated experiences in reimagining the practices of engaged humanities in and through our professional careers at both large research intensive public universities and small private liberal arts colleges, respectively. Through project- and community-based autoethnographies, our narrative illuminates the interconnections between our personal, political, and institutional lives and distinct communities. We discuss our roles in shaping the cultures of engaged humanities work at the institutional level and in connection with off-campus communities. We address the invisible affective labor that we take on as digital pedagogy librarians, and we conclude with how our unique backgrounds have come together at the University of Michigan Library, and the kinds of collaborations we have forged to support graduate student work and our reimagined connected futures.

— “Two Stories, Multiple Lives: Practicing Digital and Public Humanities Work in the Academy.” In Mission Driven: Reimagining Graduate Education for a Thriving Humanities Ecosystem by Stacy Hartman and Jenny Strakovsky (eds.) (Modern Languages Association) (forthcoming)