Engagement Dossier for Teaching

Continuing with the core questions of my Rackham-Mellon public humanities fellowship at the U-M Detroit Center, I designed and organized an integrated talk and workshop for U-M graduate students and postdoctoral fellows on building engagement dossiers for teaching. This daylong session took place at the U-M Detroit Center on February 17, 2017. Bus transportation to and from Ann Arbor was provided to all participants. The details of this workshop are as follows:

Do your teaching objectives include encouraging students to situate their classroom learning within larger social issues, and further social justice inquiry through engagement in and with distinct communities? Have you been thinking about the relationship between critical pedagogy, research scholarship, and community-engaged work? Would you like to develop your teaching philosophy statement around community-based learning goals with experienced individuals in the field of engaged pedagogy?

Throughout this session, participants engaged with the experiences of Dr. Sarah Hamilton, U-M History and Arts of Citizenship alumna, and Assistant Professor in the Department of History at Auburn University, Alabama. They also worked on their teaching statements in a facilitated setting with Professor Hamilton and members of the U-M community.

All participants were expected to bring a 1-page draft of their teaching statements, as well as questions and thoughts about cover letters in the context of community-engaged pedagogy in higher education. They received feedback from faculty members and administrative staff experienced in community-engaged pedagogical practices, and left with a revised draft of their teaching statements. Prior experience in engaged pedagogy training or assistantship was desired, but not required.

11:00-12:30: Talk by Dr. Sarah Hamilton
12:30-1:00: Lunch
1:00-3:00: Workshop (Writing a Teaching Philosophy Statement on Engagement)

– Dr. Sarah Hamilton, Assistant Professor in the Department of History, College of Liberal Arts, Auburn University, Alabama
– Dr. Matthew Countryman, Associate Professor of History and American Culture and Faculty Director of Rackham Program in Public Scholarship
– Dr. Denise Galarza Sepúlveda, Director, Center for Engaged Academic Learning, College of LSA
– Dr. Laura N. Schram, Director, Professional, and Academic Development, Rackham Graduate School
– Dr. Kush Patel, 2016-2018 Postdoctoral Fellow, Institute for the Humanities and Michigan Humanities Collaboratory