Critical Library Pedagogy

My university—the University of Michigan—resides on the traditional Territories of the Three Fires Peoples – the Ojibwe, Odawa, and Potawatomi. As I live and learn on those territories, I remain mindful of the community struggles for self-determination and colonial legacies of scholarly practices. As a queer “non-citizen,” this acknowledgement doubly impresses upon my commitments to anti-colonial approaches to digital pedagogy work, curriculum development, and community storytelling projects, especially as they align with Third World feminist, Indigenous and women of colour feminist, and queer and crip justice activisms.

My librarianship practice is this experience with questions of how one might reclaim their bridge-building work on campus whilst shaping that work through connections with land, community, and kin. My librarianship practice is this movement to name care, accountability, and empowerment as bridging features of our collaborative work so that it can have shared visibilities and shared legacies.

There is a growing roster of community-centered scholarly and digital pedagogy initiatives at my university that are partnering with the efforts of organizers and activists in nurturing engaged citizenship through classroom learning. My work as Digital Pedagogy Librarian is located in this realm of developing and supporting participatory initiatives with students, faculty, engaged learning centers, and off-campus community partners.

Here is a set of stories and presentations that put my work in conversation with wider communities:

+ A set of texts and tweets documenting my panel presentation and related discussion on “Nurturing Citizen Scholarship: Civic Education and Digital Learning in the Neoliberal University,” which took place on October 16, 2018 #DLFforum #t5b. Panelists included: Chelsea Heinbach (University of Nevada, Las Vegas), Brandon Locke (Michigan State University), Rikk Mulligan (Carnegie Mellon University), Kush Patel (University of Michigan), and kynita stringer-stanback (University of California, Santa Barbara).

+ The DLF Digital Library Pedagogy group partnered with the DLF Digital Scholarship Working Group to host a chat about teaching digital scholarship on Twitter. Leigh Bonds (Ohio State University), Elizabeth Gibes (Marquette University), Alex Gil (Columbia University), and I led this event, which took place on November 13, 2018: #DLFTeach Twitter Chat and Wiki page

+ Access my “Practising Digital Pedagogy Librarianship: Building Critical and Queer Feminist Communities” Workshop (with Anne Cong-Huyen) for the Critical Librarianship & Pedagogy Symposium (CLAPS) as archived in the University of Arizona repository.

+ For a complete list of related sessions and conferences, please visit the Presentations page. For a descriptive documentation of my yearlong practice in librarianship pedagogy, read my blog post titled, “The Continuing Labor of Care” (December 31, 2018).