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The Continuing Labour of Care

It’s been a full year of practicing critical librarianship and digital pedagogy on U-M campus and beyond. As I reflect on my academic involvements since starting this position in January of this year, I find myself returning to the notes above, feeling ever so grateful...

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Celebrating Professor Matthew Countryman

I was invited by Drs. Laura Schram and Joseph Cialdella of the Rackham Program in Public Scholarship (RPPS) to offer my reflections on Professor Matthew Countryman’s time as Faculty Director of RPPS. Here are my remarks from this celebration event, which took place last month:...

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Community-based Digital Storytelling

July 31, 2018 Yes to questions of when *not* to participate in community digital storytelling, what kind of story, to what extent is participation equitable and inclusive? I was pleased to share our #DHSI18 #CritPrax project with Chris Friend ( and my Detroit-based pedagogical...

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Pride Marches in India: Wikipedia Edit-a-thon

“(…) We must walk to fill the widening hollows that pockmark our cities through which migrants, dissenters, queers, muslims, dalits, workers, the poor, and our infinite “others” keep disappearing. We must walk to reclaim empathy and love as the defining fabric of our cities...

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In Community

I’m happy to be here in community with you, raising questions of justice, representation, and change in the work we do and the institutions we call our own. This blog continues the thread of thinking from its previous version on; one that chronicled...

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